Can I withdraw my registration?

Transfer of a slot to another person or another event is not possible at any case.
Cancellation of a registration for any reason via email up to 30 days before the registration closing date, results in a 50% of registration fee refund minus bank charges.
Later than this date no refund under any circumstances including force majeure is possible.

Where is the Registration on race day?

There will be no registration on Sunday morning.

When and where can I pick-up my race bag?

Friday 16/3/2018, 15:00-19:00 at TV Room, Nissi Beach Resort

Saturday 17/3/2018, 15:00-19:00 at TV Room, Nissi Beach Resort

Do I have to be present at the race briefing?

Yes, it is obligatory for every participant to attend the race briefing. Up-to-date information and possible changes about the race will be announced there.

When is the briefing?

Friday 16/3/2018 and Saturday 17/3/2018,

16:00 16:30 Race Briefing 70.3 English Athena Hall, Nissi Beach Resort
16:45 17:15 Race Briefing 70.3 Russian Athena Hall, Nissi Beach Resort
17:30 18:00 Race Briefing Triathlon & Sprint Triathlon English Athena Hall, Nissi Beach Resort
18:15 18:45 Race Briefing Triathlon & Sprint Triathlon Russian Athena Hall, Nissi Beach Resort

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the race course and the flow of the transition area.

Can someone support me during the race? May I accept help?

Company on the race course is not allowed and may lead to disqualification. During the race, no help is allowed. Bike malfunctions or break downs must be handled alone. Food and drinks can only be taken at the aid stations.

Will roads be closed to traffic?

The roads will be partially closed to traffic but always the participants must anticipate that cars can be in the course at any part due to violation of the road closures or due to emergencies

Where do I park?

Parking 1:  Between Adams hotel and Transition Area – Public Parking lot.  

Parking 2:  Nissi Park Hotel on the opposite site of the Transition Area on Nissi Avenue.  

Where do I put the chip?

The chip must be worn as shown in (image). Please note that the chip should not be worn under the wetsuit during the swim.

Do I need to wear the race wrist band?

Yes.  Access to the Transition Area (TA) will be available only to athletes wearing a race wrist band.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Wetsuits will be allowed as optional if the water temperature is between 14C˚ and 22 C˚. An indication of the water temperature will be given at the formal briefing on Friday 16/3/2018, Saturday 17/3/2018   and final ruling will be posted at 6:30 on the race day.

Do I have to wear a bike helmet?

Yes, a helmet must be worn during biking. The helmet will be checked during check-in.  Anyone not wearing a helmet whilst in contact with their bike will be disqualified.

Is drafting allowed?

Drafting is not allowed.  The drafting rule will be enforced by a team of referees. The penalty box will be situated at the bike leg finish. 

Be sure that you are familiar with the Competition Rules and especially with the Drafting Rules.

Can I ware earphones during the race?

No.  Earphones are prohibited by the Competition Rules.

Do I need to count laps?

Yes.  It is the competitors’ responsibility to count the laps.  Officials will not respond to any questions.  Make sure you know the number of laps according to your race distance. 

What time is the Awards Ceremony?

The Award Ceremony will start at 12:00 with Sprint and Triathlon distance athletes and will continue with the Half Distance at 15:00.  Have a look at the event schedule.

When can I pick-up my bike?

After the race is finished athletes can visit the TA briefly in a controlled manner and only from swim entrance. Bikes can be picked after the award’s ceremony is finished.